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Holocaust Remberance Garden
Holocaust Garden Dedication
Butterfly Stepping Stone Garden

JCC Holocaust Remembrance Garden was dedicated to the JCC on May 19, 2019 by the Burkhoff family to serve as a beacon of memory and hope, and though a reminder of atrocities, it stands in the middle of vibrant Jewish living and faith at the JCC. The garden features beautiful shrubbery, stones and flowers around a brick patio. There are handmade benches and an open space for all to enjoy.

Each Fall the Garden will become home to our annual Community Sukkot Fall Festival and in the Spring it will serve as a focal point of our Communities annual Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, ceremony and commemoration. In the summer the Abrams campers and staff will stop by and enjoy the beauty and peace of this special commemorative space. It will serve as place to educate our future Jewish Leaders about the importance of living a kind and loving life and speak up against hatred.

child and mother planting daffodil bulbs
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